Medical Weight Loss Santa RosaProHealth uses nutraceuticals (natural medications) and is a holistic approach to weight loss targeted at eating the basic food groups while safely losing weight and changing bad habits.* It includes weekly blood pressure monitoring and weigh-ins, nutrition and behavioral evaluations, lab work, a body fat analysis, an ekg test, and consultation with a physician.

ProHealth products use a combination of the most popular and effective natural supplements for supporting weight loss in an effective and healthy way.* There is no magic pill for losing weight. The ProHealth program is meant to be combined with a low-fat diet and exercise.

The ProHealth Line of Products Contributes to:*

  • Controlling appetite
  • Providing a feeling of fullness
  • Controlling cravings
  • Controlling head hunger
  • Stimulating the production of fat-burning hormones, increasing rate of metabolism, and burning calories more rapidly
  • Increasing energy
  • Controlling binge eating