Darina R

After having my second baby, I was disappointed with how my body had changed. Losing weight became a real struggle, especially with the added stress of daily life. I started feeling down and unwell. That’s when I decided to reach out to Dr. Hubert and give her program a try. I can honestly say it was a game-changer for me.

From the moment I started Dr. Hubert’s program, I noticed positive changes. The weight began to come off, and I started feeling better both physically and mentally. What impressed me the most was how simple the program was to follow. Dr. Hubert provided clear instructions and guidelines, making it easy to establish a routine. The meal plans were not only satisfying but also fit perfectly into my busy schedule.

I can’t stress enough how grateful I am for Dr. Hubert’s program. I am committed to maintaining the progress I’ve made and will never go back to where I was before. I highly recommend Dr. Hubert’s amazing program to anyone looking to transform their health and body.

Tammey C

I was struggling with my health, and I knew that my weight was the cause. Dr. Hubert played a crucial role in helping me lose weight and regain control of my life. Her program was straightforward to follow—all I had to do was trust her guidance. With discipline and focus, I diligently followed her advice, and the pounds started to melt away. I also incorporated intense workouts into my routine and transformed my body into great shape. This journey is one I will never abandon! Dr. Hubert’s program equipped me with valuable knowledge and practices that will remain with me for a lifetime. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone seeking to reclaim their health and achieve a revitalized body.

Cal K

I strongly encourage anyone who wants to lose weight safely and under competent medical care to engage the services of Dr. Jennifer Hubert. Along with her courteous and efficient staff, Dr. Hubert plans and weekly monitors the appropriate program to move you toward your established goal. The single most important thing you can take out of my comments is that the weight will come off provided you adhere strictly to her plan.

Cal Before
Cal After

Craig lost 105 lbs. with Dr. Jennifer Hubert

I was referred to Dr. Jennifer Hubert by my cardiologist. He informed me that Dr. Hubert has had success with her weight loss program, and that people typically lose around 80 lbs. While a little skeptical, I was certainly willing to try it. After my consult with Dr. Hubert, I felt confident that I would definitely achieve some weight loss, and I was ready to start this journey.

During the program Dr. Hubert monitors you very closely, medically, as well as mentally, through encouragement. (She is a great motivator). Every week when I weighed in, I was amazed at how quick the weight fell off. My energy levels began to come back, and by week eight, I was off of all blood pressure medicine (this was my main objective from the start). As the weight fell off, my energy level increased and so did my exercise routine. I have now lost a total of 105 pounds.

I have to say that at no time during the program did I ever feel hungry. The variety of products will appeal to all. I still use the products daily, not because I have to, but because they’re filling and taste good. Plus, it takes very little time to prepare, and for me any time saving helps my busy schedule.

I would highly recommend Dr. Jennifer Hubert and this program to anyone who would like to get their health back on track and to live a better quality of life.

Thank You Dr. Hubert, for getting me healthy again!!

Craig from Sebastopol

Before And After Weight Loss

Eric Van Cleave

I went to Dr. Jennifer Hubert and Med-Lite to lose weight to get healthy and lower my blood pressure and cholesterol. In 7 weeks, I lost over 40 pounds, lowered my blood pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol, and I feel great. I am able to pursue my passion for hiking with renewed vigor, and look forward to running on the treadmill without suffering from back pain and shin splints. I have more energy and a renewed passion for my tasks at work. I truly feel that I have dialed back the clock 10 years. I want to thank Dr. Hubert and her team for their encouragement and for giving me the peace of mind knowing that my weight loss program was being supervised by a physician. I look forward to working with the team at Med-Lite to maintain my weight loss.

Eric Before
Eric After

Dr. Sullivan

I have had weight issues most of my adult life. They really went into overdrive when I was in residency. I found myself gradually gaining weight over about 15 years and finally came to the conclusion that I needed help to lose the weight. I was extremely tired all the time and just did not feel good about myself. I went to see Dr. Hubert and basically let her take over. I followed her advice to the letter and lost 85 lbs in 5 months. The difference in her program, compared to other diets I have tried, has been the close follow up, even after the weight loss, which I think is the key. I have tried multiple diets in the past and just found myself gaining the weight back and then some. With Dr. Hubert’s help, I had to rethink my whole lifestyle and make exercise and taking care of myself a priority. Believe me, if I can do this, anyone can! I sincerely thank Dr. Hubert and her wonderful staff for giving me back my energy!

Jenny Before
Jenny After


When I look at the before picture, I cringe. Then I look at the after picture, and I smile. Of course, I knew I’d gained weight, and yet… whoa! I didn’t know how bad I looked, but I did know how bad I felt. I knew I had to make some changes!

At 72, with one medical issue after another, I said to my cardiologist, no more! Please send me to someone to help me; obviously, I cannot lose this weight on my own. I’m so grateful she gave me Dr. Hubert’s name and number.  

I have hypertension, episodes of atrial fibrillation, degenerative lumbosacral discs with arthritis, arthritis in both knees, 3 meniscus tears in my right knee, a chronic cough, venous insufficiency, severe apnea, and a benign tumor on my retina.  

Essentially healthy all my life, I exercised, was a power walker, rode a bike on weekends, did Qigong, and swam. I ate fairly healthy, too. Looking at my family genetics, I always knew I could gain weight easily.  

Yet slowly, my back issues impacted all my activities. Even walking meant pain. Sitting relieved it. So, I sat! Moving here from NY in 2019 was overwhelming, and I realize now my eating habits also started to change drastically.  

Then, the pandemic! Previously it took me one and a half years to lose 25 lbs. with Weight Watchers. By Feb 2021, it was all back—plus another 25. I said, no more! The swelling in my feet and legs was horrible. Clothes and shoes no longer fit. I was having more A-Fib episodes, my BP was erratic, and I was often out of breath!  


I started with Dr. Hubert on April 1. As of today, October 20, I have lost 90 lbs. I still need to lose another 20-ish, but the way I feel? It’s like I’m my old self! I swim 3 days a week, exercise 3 times a week, and I’ve started walking again—and without back pain! All my clothes are huge; even shoes are too big! 

As an RN, I am fully aware of medical issues affected by weight, but I am still absolutely blown away that I could feel this good just short of 73, and in under 6 months! All this is because of Dr. Hubert’s program. She keeps up with bloodwork and your general health throughout your journey. I always feel safe—a vital piece to the program. The weight loss is done under her professional care and guidance.

She is knowledgeable and genuinely cares for you and your health. Dr. Hubert is personable and helpful with any issues or questions that may arise. 

My BP meds have been lowered, no A-Fib since March, and my apnea consult said I went from 60 periods of not breathing in one hour to only 2. Eventually, I may not even need the C- pap! I have had no back pain, and my knees are stable. I feel great! 

As a friend recently said to me… YOU CHOSE HEALTH. 

I highly recommend you reach out to Dr. Hubert and also choose health!